Linguistics 2005 (2012)

Ing. Martin Dokoupil / Martin Dokoupil
Jazyk: anglický
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„This book can be used for teaching of English on the advanced level. Its translation corresponds accurately to the Czech version. “

This linguistics publication is aimed at a wider general public interested in the study of linguistics. Its quality is guaranteed by the linguists of Charles University in Prague and Palacký University in Olomouc who edited it.

You will get to know the basic language genealogy classification. With some of the languages only the basic characteristics is given.

We are also trying to give an impulse to discussions over the arrangement of letters in the alphabets, as well as their order which, even though in the linear order, are still in the most logical order. The same applies to the arrangement of verb cases of some European languages, even though the development of cases from the Proto-Indo-European language wasn’t by any means linear.  We also inform you about the new Czech script “Comenia Script” used in schools and about future possible changes in Czech spelling.

The end part of this book focuses on tables – alphabets, word lists of the Proto-Indo-European language and the younger Indo-European language.

The aim of this book is to reflect on the above-mentioned linguistic issues and to inform about them not only on the general level but also in a wider aspect.

The chapters about the Early Proto-Indo-European language (dated from ? to 3.500 BC) and the Later Proto-Indo-European language are not translated from Czech.