Více o knize

Business Risk Buster Intervenes 1 - audiokniha obsahuje první díl seriálu o rizicích podnikání v angličtině. Autor Vladimír John. Účinkují Jon Keeble, Wayne Forester, Marco Clark.<br><br> Do you run a business?<br> Then you have to hear this true story!<br><br> Every entrepreneur wants to be successful, but even a seemingly small mistake can sometimes cause big trouble. In the first part, the business risk buster strikes at a car showroom where two co-owners cannot agree on anything and the only way out is their business divorce.<br><br> Contents:<br> Avoid co-ownership of a company in equal shares<br> If you cannot own a company by yourself, conclude a partnership agreement<br> Beware of employing family members<br> Continually adjust the number of employees according to the amount of your profit<br> Regularly assess the effectiveness of all your employees<br> How to easily perform a financial analysis of your company<br> How to divide a company among shareholders so that it doesn´t hurt you<br><br> Learn from mistakes made by other entrepreneurs.